What's Included:

Videos to meet your daily needs to optimize sensations on and off the bike. Practices are easy to follow, effective and the perfect length.

  • Four short warm ups to be used before main episode

  • All main body part practices with multiple episodes for the main areas. Each video averages 10 mins for effective time management.

  • Three core routines to easily maintain strength in all core muscles to optimize balance and joint stability.

Course curriculum

Start Using these Tools!

It's helpful to have tools to maintain your bike, but the bike only feels good if the body feels good. Let's start working together today!

Additional Benefits for Purchasing this Program

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  • Do I need to be flexible to benefit from yoga or stretching?

    No, in fact being less flexible means you will benefit the most by stretching. Just be patient and don't over do it especially as you first learn.

  • Should I stretch before or after a ride?

    Typically after, though dynamic stretching (Moving and not holding the stretch) can be a good warm up.

  • How much time should I make my stretching routine?

    As long as you want. One warm up and one episode should be enough. More can be good if you aren't busy. What I recommend most is doing this daily. So a little bit often is better than an hour once in a while.


Lead Teacher

Gabriel Benjamin

Gabriel Benjamin began teaching yoga in 2001 and holds five certifications in Yoga and Ayurveda. Gabriel is also an avid cyclist, writer, and nature guide. He lives in Santa Cruz, California and leads retreats and workshops around the globe. Gabriel is passionate about working with other cyclists to help them ride longer, stronger, and with less injuries. He is ever grateful to his mother and first yoga teacher Martha Posey.